Perez : Netanyahu Is "Free Leaders" Administration to Choose from 4-6 Hyaat Protokol

Jakarta//In 1991, Moreinu HaGaon Rav Avrohom Yaakov HaKohen Pam, zt”l, founded the network of schools: Shuvu. Shuvu Bet Shemesh is one of those schools. Over the last 10 years, the school, under the guidance of the Principle, Mrs. Esther Ackerman, has grown from a kindergarten to a full elementary school, grades 1-8. The girls who completed 8 grades of Shuvu Elementary School are committed to Shuvu’s values and to Jewish tradition and have brought Torah values home to their parents and have transformed their homes into kosher ones. The parents of the girls who graduated the 8th grade, pleaded with Mrs. Ackerman to please open a high school in continuation of the Shuvu tradition.

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They wanted their children to continue to receive the Shuvu educational experience: the derech eretz, the superior education, and the Jewish identity that they were deprived of themselves. Word of the new high school spread throughout Bet Shemesh and to the adjacent Anglo Saxon neighborhood of Ramat Bet Shemesh. Anglo Saxon parents of children who did not connect with the Israeli traditional Bet Yehuda Paz High School system showed much interest in the school. Astonishingly the Shuvu graduate’s pure unbiased love of Judaism is an inspiration and support to the girls from the traditional religious homes, something some of them never experienced. Bet Chava, Omanut V’Dahat became a bridge spanning from ultra religious families to non religious parents. Rabbi Feuer, a community leader in Bet Shemesh and Rosh Yeshiva has accepted the invitation to take responsibility over the Religious and Hashkafa aspects of the school. Mrs. Ackerman and Rabbi Feuer, volunteer without any pay at all. Just to cover the operating expenses and pay teachers salaries Mrs. Ackerman has to raise $5,000 every month. It may seem like a small sum for operating a high school, but for Esther Ackerman it is a very large sum beyond her means. Shuvu and Bet Chava are both highly praised by the Bet Shemesh municipality and personally endorsed by the Mayer Rabbi Abutbul. Endorsements available upon request. Rav Pam was fond of quoting; we are doing what the Ribbono shel Olam wants. He will surely help us. We need your help for this special school. Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi has partnered with us to let us use their Banking facilities (IIPAC)

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