we will celebrate Chanukah, the Festival of Lights

Jakarta// In the coming days, we will celebrate Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. It's a season of warmth and sharing; a time to acknowledge and embrace the people and things that are meaningful to us. We think of light a little differently at JTA. It is our mission to bring to light the stories of interest and import to the Jewish community — many of which would otherwise remain in the dark. By doing this year round, we strive to bring meaning to the modern Jewish experience. To that end, we want to share with you a free JTA toolbar for your Internet browser. It's easy to download and install. When you open your browser after installation, you'll see scrolling updates of breaking news stories, current lists of features and blog entries, and an easy window for viewing JTA news videos. There's no gimmick; it doesn't capture or record any information about your Web or computer usage. It's simply a convenient way to keep an eye on Jewish news from around the world. And, while all of this newsgathering and reporting doesn't take a miracle, it does take a dedicated team of professionals to make it happen. There are many bloggers, writers and media outlets covering their piece of the story, but no one covers the global Jewish experience comprehensively like JTA. If you've been enlightened by our reporting this year and you haven't had an opportunity yet to give, would you show your appreciation by becoming a member for $50? We really need all of our regular readers to help us meet our online fundraising goal for 2009. As always, thanks so much for reading JTA. Have a joyous Chanukah!

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