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The Global Forum Media Investama Corporation (GFMIC), located in the center
Jakarta, is home to 4,850 individual businessman and dozens of world-renowned business practicing clubs. Established by Benjamin Ketang in 2002 as the first private institution of technological approached in
Indonesia, GFMIC Jakarta offers particular focus on media and public awareness of information technology, international defense expert, Online-advertising strategy in internet, regional Military research center are basic competences in our services worldwide.


Within 35 global networks of business’s initiatives today, It is a space unlimited overview for business in information era including ‘stranger’ competitor worldwide which they needed update consideration for newest global era  

The GFMIC are complemented support by Israeli research institutes and Strategic centers that address vital topics ranging from counter-terrorism to capital markets and risk management. In addition, a career development center provides a variety of services to global business demand of international financial market  We are as business entity not only provide a ‘fertile-land’ and strategic market for modern business activities, but our wide business infrastructures will be more benefit for who cooperated with the group which supported the multi-national corporation and strong-financial institution both in European market and USA’s market where centered in New York as global financial symbol of the world. The GFMIC’s greatest achievement is the success of its business partner which GFMIC is a member of The Indonesia-Israel Cooperation Association (IICA) and The Israel Mobile Association (IMA) as the most popular Israeli Global Association Worldwide including in



With the Major in International Management applied is set to offer a technology approaches of business activities in
Indonesia through shaping Indonesia-Israel in business ties. It is global and interdisciplinary agenda regarding long-times of research result both academic and professional matter yet applied and region-specific. The biz-company utilizes the global arena as a platform for integration across areas of Indonesia’s richness and natural benefits which needed to apply into higher technological approach with social reality that centralistic view of economic trade are simply reason to set and doing biz-trading in Indonesia and ASEAN’s member today
GFMIC’s Experts ProfileThe most effective structural organization in Biz-activities is positioned into simply managerial activities which managed all global resources to support in earning more profits of biz-activities in orde to ineffective structures of biz today. Because, ” We have position as our own plan”. Our biz-teams are mostly graduated from Israeli Education institutions  


Biz-partners World wide.

ICM International Consulting&Marketing DIUK ARCHES LTD 3. AIPOINT4. ARIEL MDA TECHNOLOGY&BUSINESS FINANCE CONSULTING5. H&IMPORT&EXPORT6. CONCORD LTD7. AgrisupportOnline8. FD&International Trade9. Prestonic LTD10. BORA LTD


:Komplek Cempaka Mas Blok B.19, Lt. 3 Jl. Letjen Soeprapto.

Jakarta Pusat 10520Telp. +62 21 36900110  Fax. +62 21 7819129 Mobile: +62 81288834728

E-mail:  websites. http://www.

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