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Ledies and Gentlemen

We are pleased inform today that all cronologic  events since 1972 will be a great expectatio on further cooperation in the name of generations and human being existances. Our history directly respond how our friends reach each other without trust and face-face communication to lovely explore between us today and tomorrow.

Israel and all infrastructures are definitely important not only for the Jewish state of Israel but also his shareholder and it is very important that Israel of its root theological and teaching stated that Christianity and Catholics groups in Indonesia officially rejected to cooperated not support to initiate humble peace initiatives. As long as we studied our psychological communication, not longer we will see and feel human respond and this is true spaces we had built between us. However, International communication must be expose in condition between its spaces and co-relation between West and East cultures and since 1999 West had shown lower approaches to talk and discuss with heart  then Chinese socialist terminology will be seen far better by Other European Capitalist groups in Far East including  Poor Countries where it has process to come it climax peace event then West stocks and financial matter such cultures becomes lower and smaller one.

 Ladies and Gentlemen

Frankly we are here, to show our commitment that studying and observing as Oriental’s t for West cultures against Chinese socialist groups are still dominant and including Muhammad’s teaching are strongly correlating with Socialism as East root cultures. We considered that heart and feeling could not lie on how we felt. Israel itself has so many meant and interpretations between Torah and Quran and its relation spreading in history of Jewish prophet. Soul could not be detached by higher technological even CIA and FBI. Although, Pierre Cazalet from France Embassy in Singapore gave us the higher technological Pen from PARKER is still misuse and misunderstood between us as Israel Oriental’s in Indonesia.

As well the PM. Lebanon visits in Jakarta, Alan Harari  discuss on futher project of Aramaic of JOHAR  and selling million books in Jakarta. It is only ‘Thank you’ projects that ever offered us. No problem. Indonesia has billion financial resources and G-D gave us to manage into usefully prosperities and sustainable development and prosperities.

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are in position of middle  parks where soul had stayed in Israelite business infrastructures. Today we will informing you that if Israel and Palestinian peace road map is locked and Indonesia has no powerful energy to protect further civilization and no time for peace talk anymore. We are really regretting on how United Sates and EU respond based on their naked eyes. No modern civilizations had made by West will be useful and benefit with stronger leadership on far east including Indonesia. New Era needs modification values on developed societies. In respected communication  must be perceived with friendship face- face discussion. If we handle peace talk on global perspectives and no touch our own feeling the west civilization never touches the true discusses’s perspectives.  Indonesia feels today and current decided there are unfair play and hidden agenda by West as if the their approaches as enemies behavior. No matter how we are longer being friendship.

 In this good occasion, we would like thanks and say Chaverim shalom for all Israeli worldwide to say welcomes and we peacefully told that Friday will be powerfully day to support and show us on how our soul gives us on our history with Roman Emperor in Israel, Persian, and Babylonians histories which they teaches us to take more carefully that our souls are in dangerous line to make and offer further cooperation. No countries are saver and saver for Diaspora than the Jewish state of Israel Ha Yom, including United state of Israel. When Indonesia is still being targeted richer countries to explore just only their capitalist interest.

Our peacefully friends and chaverim Israeli.

Mohammad’ s teaching on the Jewish Halachad and peacefully develop families including the Jewish state of Israel is being better perspective civilization . Because, our respected insights will shake in hands. If the north soldier could not speak and write  Hebrew and Arabic because they teach and spreading the killing cultures of human civilization. No doubt that related soul unrepeated with G-D’s bereshet. Within 49 minutes soul will intensively connected with important agenda and the Moses’ song will sung together in  Far East.

Ha Yom,  is clear and we hope that our small heart could gives us stronger inspirations to make a real a Israeli soldier shemot ve Israeli chayah. Baruch Hasyem Elohinu Melech Ha Olam, may holly soul give us powerful energies to support all human proposal and Indonesia will be prosperous countries and being civilized peoples and G-D show us the right and wrong one in eyes of Hasyem. Amen ve Amen.

 On beautifully stages of chronological event here covered us to stay and living harmonious in the Land of  G-D will definitely terminated peace talk. Today, all Israeli will make an integrated peace and united into hearing our own heart and souls. Shaking hands with all Israeli are directly needed no postponed on peace promise on the security of the Jewish of Israel today and tomorrow.

The destroy of the second Temple in Jerusalem is our responsible and caused we are only see and happier the position of middle of G-D Kingdom. Let’s us make sure that Israel will be a Light for human being as the jobs of Israeli prophets such as Abraham, Yitzhak, Jacob as the Father of our civilized  peoples’ code of human being that needs more global personal approaches. The Israeli is father’s code that West has no right dominate it. The most important that How the Code will be understood and studied by other peoples including Moslem one. No peace in Middle East because Arab never tried to study and trying to listen in Qur’an Massages. We are really regretted that Israel’s code are real West Civilization and there is only Israel who gave godly inspiration which comes and inspires in the land of Israel. As Israeli Institution Graduator, we will recognized intensively and try to make sure that peacefully talk and visiting Jerusalem will be historical event and holly medicine to our sick soul to look future and better generation.

With PM. Benjamin Netanyahu’s official letter show us that best sign to continue and make a real project that old theories naturally deleted into newest perfect life. We believed that there are no devil power and energies could teach and say something into holly soul who connected with Torah. No, women’s spirits comes in and give us lottery to run away from Israel because, our soul filled contented with Torah. Although, the false sound intensively contacted which assisted with the other side tried to find the outside from the street of the Israel, Thank you for your attention and more patient between new spaces on new era of Indonesia-Israel perspective and peacelly life and living, amen

Best Regards,

Benjamin Ketang

The Exeutive Director

The Global Forum Indonesia


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